What To Expect

Manchester Children’s Physiotherapy provides specialist paediatric physiotherapy for babies, children and young people under 16 years of age.


The aims of assessment are:

  • to have a full understanding of both your concerns as a parent and your child’s problems, then determine your child’s ability
  • to diagnose/identify areas which can be improved with physiotherapy, sharing  assessment findings with you and providing clear explanations for these findings as able
  • to actively involve you and your child in joint goal setting and treatment planning


Treatments normally last between 30 and 60 minutes. The focus of treatment is FUN!! Treatment should be both challenging and enjoyable, yet appropriate and achievable for your child’s age and skill. Treatment may comprise of games or exercises to stretch or strengthen muscles, promote normal movement patterns, mobilise tight structures and teach you and your child about how best to manage their condition at home.


Manchester Childrens Physiotherapy Child Jumping

  • baby/toddler friendly clinic room
  • junior gym equipment
  • adult gym equipment
  • free car parking
  • lift
  • disabled toilet
  • changing rooms

Consent To Treatment

Giving Consent

Before we can assess or treat your child we need your consent to do so.   Once children reach the age of 16 they can agree to treatment just like adults.  Children under 16 may be able to consent for themselves, provided they are mature enough to fully understand what is involved.

What You Need To Know

As qualified paediatric physiotherapists it is our job to make sure you and your child (age dependent) understand the following points:

  • What assessment will involve (looking at the child partially dressed/ hands on therapy/palpation/facilitating movement)
  • What treatment will involve (looking at the child partially dressed/ hands on therapy/palpation/facilitating movement)
  • What the benefits of treatment will be (improved function/mobility/muscle strength/flexibility/reduced pain/improved awareness of self management)
  • Whether an alternative treatment is available (advice on other activities e.g. swimming/rebound/horse riding/manual therapy versus exercise therapy)
  • If there are any risks (possible upset if the child is under 5 due to lack of understanding/muscle soreness/ post therapy fatigue)
  • What may happen if your child does not have treatment (reduced mobility/function/muscle weakness/pain etc.)
  • How we use your information (liaison with NHS professionals via phone/email/face to face/letters as we feel is necessary/appropriate)
  • We may take photographs/videos of your child to analyse posture/movement e.g. gait analysis and discuss with our MCP colleagues.  We will seek your permission prior to taking any photos/videos and delete material as soon as possible.


Sophie Johnson, Paediatric Physiotherapist

Sophie Johnson
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Jenny Wilson, Paediatric Physiotherapist

Jenny Wilson
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Helen Hallam

Helen Hallam
Paediatric Physiotherapist

If you have any questions, or are unsure whether Physiotherapy is appropriate for your child then please do not hesitate to contact us here. Or for advice and reassurance call Sophie on: 07887 777 894 or Jenny on: 07866 617 403

Thank you! You have helped us so much with both children and put our minds at ease.

Sarah and Tim’s Parents

Manchester Childrens Physiotherapy Child Jumping

Manchester Children’s Physiotherapy
Sophie Johnson, Paediatric Physiotherapist

Manchester Childrens Physiotherapy Child Jumping